As I've mentioned I really do love a good cup of tea and am a little bit of a snob about the brew I chose. I've popped my favourite flavours below for you. I think the best place to get fantastic quality tea is with tea total. They also have the most efficient and helpful service along with a really great selection. The other lovely thing is they pop in samples for you to try. I also have to tell you about their miracle sponge. You know those brown stains that build up on your cups and pots, one wipe with this and they're gone! Worth every penny.

My favourites are

breakfast blend extra strength - my day always starts with a pot of this, strong, fabulous flavour, great with milk, almost as good as coffee to kickstart your day.

rooiboos cream caramel - people go nuts for the smell of this one - honestly it is heavenly

mint - this is a really nice change from peppermint and tastes like you've just picked some fresh mint out of the garden 

coconut and melon - i've just discovered this - it's kind of creamy and fruity but sweet -really very gorgeous and also lovely cold 

orange pekoethis is a real lovely light tea, beautiful to drink black or with a slice of lemon

intense orange passion - I got this one as a sample and lord what a smell - it really was divine and just as good to drink

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