commissions banner.jpg

I'm happy to do commissions. If you're interested in having a painting commissioned send me an email.

Here's how I go about doing commissions.

First I have a whole lot of questions I like to ask so I can find out what you like.

What ideas you have about the subject of the painting?

What colours you love?

What size you're interested in?

Would you like a portrait or landscape shaped painting?

Which paintings of mine do you like?

How much you can afford?

Best of all I like you to tell me any stories you have about yourself so that I can make the commission as personal as possible.

Then of course we talk about any questions you have for me. You can also send me any images of colours, or people, or pets, or where the painting is going to go in your house or anything else that is relevant. 

Then I go ahead and start painting (I don't really do lots of drawing first). When I've finished I'll email you an image.

If the painting doesn't turn out quite like you imagined then that's ok you don't need to buy it. I hate the idea of someone feeling obliged to take a painting which wasn't really what they imagined, though rarely I find this happens.

Once you're happy I'll courier the painting to you. 

If there's anything else you'd like to know feel free to drop me a line