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I love being creative. I love the feeling of ideas buzzing around my head and then making them a reality. Sometimes this means painting, sometimes gardening, cooking, or deciding to rearranging a room. Sometimes its getting obsessed about a topic and immersing myself in a new world. To me every part of my life is creative.

I am intrigued with people almost as much as I am creative. I love to see how they tick, how they interact, how they see the world. Observing people is one of my secret pleasures.

I think these two parts of me sum up the motivating force behind my work. A need to create fueled by a fascination of how we all work.

I can't remember a time I didn't make things but for some reason when I was young It didn't occur to me that I could be creative for a career. At some point I realised I could do what I loved and went to Design School and became an illustrator.

After a couple of years working as an illustrator I took a one way ticket out of New Zealand ending up, after quite a bit of traveling, in Kenya for ten years. When I came back to New Zealand in 1999 I started painting and exhibiting in galleries. Now I am a full time painter and have a design company barkingmad which uses my images to create cards and prints. I feel very lucky to be able do work I adore and am always so grateful for the support of the people who buy my work.

A few odd facts about myself

I love taking photos of the sky.

I'm obsessed with tea, teapots, teacups and generally anything that facilitates stopping for a cuppa.

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was little (I still love anything to do with space).

I tend to get quite excited about things.

I love chilli so much I can put it on anything and I mean anything!

The clothes hanging in my wardrobe are colour coordinated and I like to insist I'm not anal that they just look more beautiful that way.

If I could I'd like turn the inside of my house into a jungle (actually I'm working quite hard on achieving this).

my photos from Instagram below


The video below is of an interview of me talking about my work. 
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